Use arrow keys to move around and Z to interact with objects/characters

I hope to update this in the future, but as of now I can assure you that all areas of this game are accessible. If you're lost or unsure you can't reach something, try following the boundaries of the map. 

There isn't any sound in this game. So put on your favorite song and settle in to play.


Ever since you were a child, you have been told not to go near the forest. And if you must, do not go very far in. 

Everyone for generations have been told various horror stories about the forest.

You believe they must be just that: stories. And you are determined to prove it. With your own eyes you plan on taking a trip through the forest. 

Good luck <3 And thank you for playing!


Hey, this is Rachel (also known as Icefire149), this is my second ever game. There are still several things I have in mind that I wanted to implement in this game, but time is running out. And I'm quite sleepy. What matters is that I have a game! 

I used GB Studio.

 And this is my entry for the Jamingtons 8.0 Quarantine Jam.

The theme was: Language.

I wasn't sure about the theme at first, but soon enough I ended up with a couple notebook pages covered with my thought process. I wanted to utilize languages you wouldn't ordinarily think of: instinct, animals, nature. 

That gave me more than enough to run with for this jam, but I still needed a story. I couldn't resist throwing in one of my childhood fears. I grew up in a wooded area. My mum's property extends out into dense woods. I was taught at a young age to pay attention to the world around me and my natural instincts. You never know what could be out there or what could be watching you.

Development log


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I really enjoy the art style, especially the white outline around things. Not sure about the red color, there might be a more suited palette but it looks great nonetheless. The transitions between scenes are gorgeous and I like how you can interact with animals even if it just says some text.

I really enjoyed playing it up to a point. Just walking, gets boring after a while and I would love to have a map to know where I'm going, at least after I discover different areas. I find myself walking in circles after I found the dagger and closed the game as I realized that there's no new mechanic introduced. But it is very well written, cute and fun.  And I don't usually like story games. Some 8bit music would be great with this atmosphere!

First off, thank you for playing! 

I plan on adding more game mechanics and music in the future. There was only so much I could do in 3 days. (And this is only my second attempt at making a game ever) Having a story and having everything work without breaking were the top priorities. Lol. 

Since the player is supposed to be lost in the forest I wanted the layout to feel like that. I'll take your suggestion of having a map of the areas you've been into consideration. Because that's a great idea! For now I suggest that if you do want to see to the end, explore the forest and pay attention to the ground. I did leave markers where each exit is located. 

The atmosphere for this game is set perfectly. Fantastic submission, definitely high up there. I look forward to your future projects!

Thank you very much!    :D

really fun, gave me some nostalgia i dont know why tho lol

Thank you for playing. I'm really glad you enjoyed it and it brought you some kind of nostalgia. :)

Amazing game, one of the best in the game jam. i spent a good chunk of time playing this.

the no tutorial is nice, and works well. The colour palate is really good as well, and i really like the cat saying "pstpstpstpst Human" made me chuckle a bit.

i noticed some issues with collisions however when moving around the forest not to sure what thats about, and i wasnt able to find the old sword either i was hoping to kill the eye but really good game i hope you work on it a bit more.

Thank you so much for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed it. The cat going pstpstpst is one of my favorite parts. 

I'll take a look at the collisions. It was about 3am when I finished and submitted. I'm sure I missed something. I do know when I've playtested few times that all areas are accessible. Until I check out the collisions I suggest to keep trying. Follow the boundaries around the map. 

Keep looking for the sword. I believe in you!

i came back to it and beat it, im glad i came back this really is a fun game to play

I'm so glad to hear that!   :D

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Love this game! Definitely one of my favorites. I spent way too much time playing this...

The (lack of a) tutorial is great. It took me a few minutes to figure out what I was supposed to do, but that really works well with the story. A tutorial would've probably ruined it.

The art is cute. Love the minimalist / retro look. Everything fits together really well. All in all a really solid submission. :D

Great work!

I know we already talked about this, but thank you again for playing and all your kind words.

Very stylish game. I found it kind of hard to figure out what I was meant to do other than wandering around randomly though.

First off, thank you for playing! I did want a lost in the woods feeling. Once you're free to explore the forest I suggest paying attention to the ground. It's subtle, but there are markers to guide you. Wandering to experience the story is the main thing anyways.